Populations that do not typically consume dairy products…

“Populations that do not typically consume dairy products appear to exhibit lower rates of bone fracture despite consuming far less calcium than recommended. Why this is so is unclear. Perhaps their diets contain less protein from meat and dairy foods, less sodium from processed foods, and less phosphorus from soft drinks, so they retain calcium more effectively.”

-Food, Inc., edited by Karl Weber

No, this isn’t an #AllLivesMatter thing:


I know Lewis was trying to shed light on how some of us react to certain animal deaths (lion or human). But that is fundamentally part of the problem. We don’t have normal reactions. To anything. We are a fucked up species.  We care about the murdered lion, but not the murdered black person. We care about a murdered lion, but not the murdered chicken on our plate. It’s fucked up on every level.

But an attack on a win is not the way you make people care about something else, though. I’m against both racism and speciesism.

It’s so fucking rare for us as a country to give a shit about any dead animal, actually. That’s why this was a big deal. Lion lives matter.