Clue/Halloween game day in the library – ideas for your library!


I made versions of these for all my co-workers.

I work at a theological library, which means every October we celebrate Theological Libraries Month with book spine poetry and food. But this year, we decided to do a game day:

ATLA’s TLM logo was a fingerprint this year, and it fit perfectly with the game Clue…which also fits perfectly with Halloween, in my opinion.

So, we decorated.

My boss was the smallest of us all, and would thus use less tape, so we volunteered her for the “Mr. Boddy” job (he died while reading):

And we came up with a live version of the game. 20161024_142633 clue-game-image

And food: tlm-2016-foodclue-image

The rules of the game were pretty much just like trick-or-treating: players collect all six “clues” by interacting with us (going to our offices). We also passed out candy wrapped in a library fact of our choosing.


The clues were cut into strips and color coded so we could know who was passing out which clue. There really was no correlation between what the clue was and who was passing them out, but it did help patrons keep track of which characters they had contacted (side note, our copier was Col. Mustard – we think he’s an integral part of the library staff).

Once players collected all six clues, they had to guess. The answer was on the back of the clue box.

Most of our players guessed correctly!


It was an all-day event that was self-paced. If any of us left for lunch, we just left our clues and candy outside of our doors. When patrons would engage me for more information, I would say “If you want to know more, you’ll have to talk to my lawyer!” and that would keep things flowing.

The answer  to the mystery: Professor Plum with the Lead Pipe (of course in the library, that part’s a given, hence the outline of the body).

There’s plenty of ways you could change up the weapons and characters to have a different outcome if you wanted to play it more than once in the year or have a different outcome for the next. We certainly think it’s worth doing again!

An example of the clues cut out and the library facts around the candy:


P.S. I stuck a doily on my head for my maid costume. That got a laugh.