About the Panda

I’m a grad student and (I graduated! Hellooo Master’s degree!) librarian shelving life experiences here and there. Welcome to my personal blog of rants and bitching and things.

My bffs call me “Panda.” However, my only relation to the cuddly species is the “Amanda rhymes with ___” and that I’m pretty lazy. Also, black and white is a pretty classy aesthetic.

All that cheesy mumbo-jumbo aside, I have some pretty strong views on the state of pandas. I’m anti-zoo and think we should stop trying to breed them.  The ones in captivity shouldn’t be there (no wonder they don’t want to make more babies. They know their children will be captives as well…ahem). Instead, we could use all our funds and efforts going to their “lost cause” to support animals that are thriving and have a chance at surviving in this evolving world. Over 3 million animals are put down in shelters every year. We have bigger problems to fix. Instead of adding more living creatures to this sad world in an effort to “save them” we should try to help the ones already here and being murdered.


Besides all these opinionated bits, I’m proudly childfree (pro-adoption, though!), a vegetarian-turned-vegan (veg circa 2010!), and a Harry Potter fan (Go, Gryffindor!).

I have a matching-themed Tumblr that I (mostly) use to reblog others: Tumble with me. 

I’m a panda bear here, a peacock on Twitter (Caw! Caw!): @Amandapandaduh

(Warning: I’m a feminist and an animal rights activist with no time for your patriarchal colonialist capitalism! No apologies.)



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