Book Review: Carve: A Simple Guide to Whittling by Melanie Abrantes

This is another good book that would make for a nice gift. Christmas is coming up and this is a tiny little thing, barely bigger than my hand. It was made portable–easy to take with you on camping trips. The cover is quite a lot of fun too–the lettering is “carved” into the “wood.”

I chose to pick up this book because I noticed another reviewer point out it was written by a woman. Before then, I had passed over it without a second glance, figuring it to be some Ron Swanson-esque manual that wouldn’t hold my interest. But no! This is written by an art teacher. A hobbiest. A handcrafter.

I can honestly say that whittling now seems like a doable hobby for me–though I did not rush out and buy tools or wood. But maybe now if I inherit the right utensils or find a good block of dead tree… It had never seemed approachable until I picked up this book. So, if you have an artist or crafter in your life that you want to inspire, buy them this book. If that artist or crafter is you, check out this book–maybe whittling can find its way into your work. I’m more likely to give it a try now.

I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review. Check out my review policy here.

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