TBR: The Eye of Everfell by Bard Constantine

In a world where history has become myth, legend returns in sinister fashion. When a malevolent race of powerful beings reveals their existence, humanity must suffer the consequences.

An immortal lord risks everything to cure his people of their terrible curse, yet the cost may be that of his very soul. A newly anointed seeress discovers an artifact that may hold the key to an ages-old conflict, but her discovery may be her destruction. And a fallen knight pursues a path of vengeance, despite repercussions that threaten to consume all that he has suffered for.

Their lives will intersect with others: men who shift their shape with a thought, an ambitious and brutal warlord fixated on conquest, a cunning agent with duplicitous loyalties, a crimson-eyed mistress whose name means Death, and a band of skilled fighters who dare to hunt the immortal. The resulting maneuvers for position and power will sweep the entire kingdom into a war where no outcome is predictable, and even the best intentions can go horribly awry.

The Shadow Battles have begun.


I, too, am crimson-eyed when I haven’t gotten enough sleep. I, too, have a name that means death if you wake me from my freakin’ nap.

Read more on Goodreads. 


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