Intersectional Veganism

“Animal exploitation does not exist within a vacuum. The oppression people of color and other marginalized groups face is connected to the oppression other animals face. Revealing these links only helps to connect others to veganism.

In a world where murdering other animals for the sheer sake of killing is deemed a sport and killing people of color in the streets for any reason is deemed lawful, it’s evident how emotionally-void and facile it’s become to commit crimes against any marginalized groups when they’re viewed as nothing more than ‘animals’. To be dehumanized is to be downgraded from the privileged status of human.”


vvocWhat is all this talk about intersectionality? How do issues of racism, patriarchy, heterosexism and a host of other identity based oppressions have anything to do with veganism? It’s JUST about the animals right? And all these annoying SJW’s are making it all about humans. Well let’s take a closer look.

Intersectionality is a framework of looking at how various oppressed social identities overlap or intersect (being both Black and a womxn, both queer and poor) that was developed by Kimberlé Crenshaw, a civil rights advocate and professor of critical race theory. To be an intersectional activist is to be aware of and work toward ending all forms of subjugation, many of which in our modern society are rooted in (but not exclusive to) white supremacy, heteropatriarchy, and capitalism. It is to be cognisant of how people do not live one dimensional lives and how this entails a multidimensional identity…

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