Eggs, period.

Vegan Biologist

A conversational strategy used by many vegans is to attempt to disgust the person who is eating animal products by describing what it actually is. That is a fair point that one should be aware of what one eats. I honestly think it’s quite scary how oblivious people generally seem to be about their food. Which is usually exposed when discussing what vegans eat and do not eat with non-vegans. There are several different opinions on which strategy works best and one has to reflect on which strategy works in every given social circumstance. But, please stay to what is true. An egg of a hen is not menstruation or period.

Something about evolution

Both chickens and humans are in the group of amniotes, which is defined by a membrane during the development of the embryo. But then we are separated into synapsida – containing mammals, and diapsida – containing…

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