BOOK REVIEW: Ragnarok by Kai Mjaanes is about grandparents

This book was a DNF for me, because I’m just not the reader for it. What first attracted me to it was the Norse myth the book is based on, but it didn’t seem to be an interpretation I could really champion theologically. It could also be the translation? I don’t know. It seems to also have been written in Norwegian first.

This book also opens with a dream sequence, which made me work hard from the start. The Norse myth in the book doesn’t…make sense to me. It’s kids saving the world from Ragnarok and Ragnarok isn’t something you can really avoid in Norse mythology… I find when books try to tackle this subject, it’s problematic, but I always want to give them a shot.

I will probably give this to my little cousins who will probably appreciate it more. Maybe it’s a good fit for those who like the Percy Jackson series (I am not one of them). It had a very Stranger Things vibe — kids on bikes and solving mysteries. It was almost too precious of a novel to let me keep going.

The main character has a grandfather with alzheimer’s–or maybe it was another form of dementia–but it was very nice to see a relationship between grandkid and grandparent played out in a story. I love my own grandmother and think that there isn’t enough “elder” representation in stories these days.

Buy the book here.

Read more about it on Goodreads.

I was sent this book in exchange for an honest review.

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