BOOK REVIEW: The Sexual Politics of Meat by Carol Adams

This book affirms and reaffirms everything that I, a vegan and feminist, know to be true. Part of my ‘knowing’ is innate and part of it has been relearning. But this work puts words to my knowledge. This gives me something to point to.

I had no idea that others before me had laid such a beautiful foundation (arguably part of veg erasure). This book sums up those before it (which I also did not know about) and is my official stepping stone.

My overall impression with this book: This book will not win converts. It is for those who are already veg or have been thinking of experimenting with veg. You cannot speak to those without ears to hear. But if you are feeling all alone in the world. YOU ARE NOT.

Another critique I could make is that it gets all literary in the middle — a large portion of this work is dedicated to dissecting (probably not the best word to use here) Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. And it illuminates it beautifully. I am still in awe. I have read Frankenstein but never before had I noticed its veg connotations (veg is my word). It might seem odd to other readers that literature plays such an important role in the book — almost out of place or stitched in there like a off-pattern patch around some other topics. Or perhaps Shelley and the other Romantic writers were the main fabric and all the other “topics” were just threads and knots holding it, the real quilt, together. But I loved the patchwork nature of the book. It is all over the place. Yet it flows and with every page I loved it more and more. I felt sane for the first time in years.

Enough of my sewing metaphors.

Buy this book and read it. 

I also want to know what Carol Adams thinks of  The Vegetarian by Han Kang (which I did not like). 

Here are links one and two to quotes from the book that I wanted to preserve and go back to.

This post was updated on 1/16/18


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