Book Review: Saga Vol. 6

This has been my least favorite of the series so far. Not that it wasn’t good or it will keep me from reading on. But I just wasn’t as WOWED as I normally am.

This one didn’t do a good job of reminding me what happened in the last one. I’m still not sure and will have to re-read. I can’t remember what happened to Lying Cat. The Will has gotten fat (I think?) in this one and is still seeing his dead ex-girlfriend in visions. It was sad. I can’t remember why Prince Robot is on their “side” (arguably) right now and how he got his son back. It only vaguely makes sense. It takes an Orange is the New Black turn by focusing on trans issues in prison, which I thought was just uncreative. Oh, and a lot of time has passed since the last one. Hazel is in school.

Spoilers here VVV.

So, the main reason I didn’t like this volume is because Alana and Marko are pregnant again. You’d think in a futuristic society they would have some sort of contraception. Or that Marko, who knows magic, could have prevented her from getting pregnant. Because how the hell are they going to run from the law and protect Hazel when Alana is pregnant? Or when they have two kids to take care  of now? I found it selfish and see it as Brian K. Vaughan not knowing what else to do with his story. And so he repeats himself because this is the best he can come up with? Geezus. I…

I doubt topics like abortion will be introduced here. Alana is clearly happy about the baby. The best I can hope for is that she’ll lose the baby. That’s the only way to redeem this “twist” and still have a readable story. Sorry to be all anti-natalist on you all, but it really made me dislike Marko and Alana. Sure, the first time was them maybe not caring or not having access to contraception given the war (can’t remember if this was ever covered?). The second time is them not caring about their daughter they claim to love. This will put them all in danger.



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