TBR – H+ by Matthew Gillies


Some felt the automaton – newly awakened to how the world could be – stood for a new era in human and automaton cohabitation. Others, however, saw the automaton as a threat to the preservation of the human species.

Years after the first sentient automaton was decommissioned, a civil rights movement is emerging in the futuristic surveillance state of OMEGA II, as automatons embark on a suffrage movement for equal rights and the freedom to uplift their mechanical bodies into bio-organic beings.

Through the civil unrest emerges Olena, a memory harvester with a mysterious past, who’s on the run after stumbling into a conspiracy that threatens the existence of both man and machine.

With the help of a hi-tech mercenary named Kincaid, the two set out on a seek and destroy mission to unravel the looming threat that could see the end of humankind once and for all.

Welcome to the post-apocalyptic, Cyberpunk future where memory harvesters dabble in the illegal trade of stolen memories; hi-tech neural infiltrators siphon classified information as part of corporate espionage; a serial killer automaton stalks human prey in an attempt to become closer to those who created him; and a religious automaton cult vies for power over the techno mega-corporation known as CYBERCORP.

Automatons make me go weak in the knees.


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