BOOK REVIEW: Reflections on the Psalms by C.S. Lewis

Having not read the Psalms in many years and not having any real intention to in the near future, I still found this worth reading. I’ve read more of Lewis’s nonfiction than I have his actual fiction, never finishing his Narnia books.

The only issue I had with this book was at the very end, when he started talking about the church as the wife of Christ. I personally just find that hard to read without careful context and interpretation, which I don’t think Lewis gave care to. He was assuming a lot of things about women and their roles when prodding at that text. I had to glaze over it.

But don’t go in thinking this is really a book about the Psalms. It is really a book that uses the Psalms to base his talking points off of. The Psalms are a bridge, I think, for the religious to understand his lofty ideas. The Psalms are not necessary for others to understand, I feel. Like Narnia/his fiction is a bridge to explore his philosophies, so too are the Psalms.


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