TBR – Iron Manimal by Harry Seitz

Scotty has had a hard life, and it’s about to get harder. Leon, the ringmaster of the circus he works for, has agreed to transport hazzardous materials in order to make ends meet. A catastrophic accident ruptures containment and exposes the performers and animals to a transformative agent that repairs and enhances them based on their personalities, immediate surroundings, and the extent of their injuries. Gifted with extraordinary powers, they must find a new way to cope with the world and each other. At what point does a person who can read and shape minds begin to question the extent to which he is actually being led and controlled by the thoughts of others? And if power comes through physical and emotional trauma, what happens when a newly powerful person or entity still thinks and feels like a victim? Alcoholism, the death of American rail, and animal rights are also explored.

I actually accepted this book for review, but I just haven’t gotten around to read it because it’s in Kindle format and I never read on my Kindle these days. But animal rights? Count me in!

Buy on Amazon.

UPDATE: I spelled the title wrong in the first draft of this post. I said “Mammal” instead of “Manimal.” I’m a terrible womanimal.


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