The Hipster Guide to Indie Authors

Adam Oster

Since the rise of the hipster, trendy folks have fought hard to stay ahead of the mainstream, trying to show off their knowledge of everything trendy by utilizing such statements as, “I knew them before they were popular” or “Their early stuff was so much better, you know, the stuff before they went pro”.  For just as much time, these discussions have been mostly limited to musicians.

Of course, musicians come and go quite quickly.  It seems almost every week there’s a new indie musician made mainstream and thereby losing all credibility within the trend-setters now that they have gained recognition for their art.

The obscure artist is what the hep kids are looking for today and those who are far ahead of the crowd on what’s cool have happened across an entire group of artists who linger in obscurity and, even if they were to ever become mainstream, would…

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