Book review: Hello, Bicycle by Anna Brones

I have been thinking about buying a new bike. My old one is still at my parents. It’s one my dad bought for me at Christmas. Since I moved out, he uses it for himself because it’s easier on his knee than the one he fixed up for himself. He’s offered it to me several times, but I think I’d rather pick one out.

Anyways, this book has come in really handy in building up my confidence toward buying one for myself. I now want to try to find a used bike.

Before this book I didn’t know what a “Spoke Card” or “Kit” was (a kit is the biker outfit, apparently). There is even a section about what to do if you ever get into an accident–information based on a lawyer’s advice. Pretty handy stuff.

I would recommend buying this book for someone you just bought a bike for. Maybe if I had had this when I was younger I would feel more confident now–and I used to bike all the time! But I always had my dad for reference if I got a flat or wasn’t sure a sound was normal or not. This book is gonna help with that, I think.

I think for me, it’s the fact that I was and am still afraid of all the legal issues surrounding bikes. Is it illegal to be on the road without a helmet? I’d have to look up my state law…

This book has nice illustrations, but never gets too technical. I guess that’s the point. Bikes aren’t like cars. Things should be simple.

I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review

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