Public Service Loan Forgiveness Hell part VI

Here are the facts.

  1. I told MyFedLoans that I wanted it in writing that the forbearance they had to put me on would still let my student loan payment qualify. Because all the information I could find on the  topic said otherwise and their verbal confirmations about it over the phone were not enough for me.
  2. The person who drafts or edits the letter (who didn’t have a MyFedLoan email address) called me (saying he was going to email me about calling me), saying that he had heard that I’d been saying I just wasn’t going to pay for August since they owe me around $100 dollars anyways (about the amount of my “correct” bill).  At the end of the chain of events (documented here and after the fact here) it seemed like they were doing everything in their power to not put things in writing. To not admit their mistakes.
  3. When I finally DO get the letter (after the forbearance ends and I’m on my regular payment schedule) only then do I get something in writing (read: proof) that the forbearance  that would normally keep my payment from counting toward the 120 qualifying payments would have an “exception.” AND within the letter they admit ANOTHER mistake that I didn’t even know about — and probably would NEVER have known about if they hadn’t sent that letter/put things in writing.
  4. The mistake was this, documented in this chain of tweets:


    This is the letter in depersonalized parts:f1f1Where they admit they over charged me, put me on the wrong IDR plan. What is circled is the main reason I wanted the letter, though the chance for a payment to qualify has passed, as I paid nothing, thinking that was the only way I would “get my money back.” f1Where they  state in writing that I wasn’t required to pay anything for August (also a concern for me) when I was on forbearance, and they say they owe me more money for a mistake I didn’t even know about (see above tweets stating my confusion, and then finally figuring out why).

  5. As of now, I still have not heard back from them about my request for the last (and hopefully final) refund of $96-something. I sent that request in an email over a week ago and followed up yesterday.

See previous hellish posts about MyFedLoans:

Part 1 – showing initial shock and confusion (ie what can go wrong when your loans transfer to MyFedLoans).

Part 2  – probably best to start here as my issues really come to light and I better understand what a huge messup they’ve caused.

Part 3 – where I figure out that MyFedLoans put me on the wrong IDR plan (don’t worry, though, it gets worse).

Part 4 – my formal complain to FSA.

Part 5 – this is how FSA/MyFedLoans takes care of their mistakes (it’s not pretty). 


UPDATE: Here’s part seven.


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