Public Service Loan Forgiveness Hell Part III

This post was updated for clarification on 11/24/17.

This time, cursing is involved.

A continuation of parts I and II. *

I am still shaking from the phone call I had today before leaving work — I am still so angry.  At about 4pm my time, I got a call from someone named Leslie at MyFedLoans saying I’m about to be contacted by someone from the DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY about a “mistake” MyFedLoans made when my loans transferred to them in June 2016 because I was stupid enough to apply for the PSLF (public service loan forgiveness) before they had their act together and MyFedLoans is the only loan servicer that handles people in that program.

Apparently, one mistake they made (which lead me to filling out new IDR forms to switch to a lower payment plan and juggling forbearance and wasting hours of my life on the phone and ranting about this online) when my loans were transferring was that they put me on the IBR repayment plan instead of the Pay-As-You-Earn that I should have been on the whole fucking time.  A plan I was apparently already on with my old loan servicer [MyGreatLakes] but didn’t remember. I even wondered about this myself but thought there was no fucking way they could be wrong about it:


I wondered how my payment could go up basically three times as much.

And now it seems that the $5 “forebarance” amount I was scheduled to pay (because I couldn’t afford the 400-something dollar standard payment on my loans that it defaults you to for one month in order to kick you over to another plan) doesn’t matter. Now, holy fuck, I’m going to get to pay the 100-something PAYE amount because they’re “correcting” the mistake. But, sure, it’s better the the IBR’s 150.

But no, wait, it gets better! Now that my payment is going to count to PSLF (because the 2 month period as I switched over to the the PAYE IDR plan I should have been on all along wasn’t going to count toward my 120 payments) I have to get to fill out ANOTHER form and bug my CFO again where I work to prove my full-time employment (by filling out another PSLF certification whatever form, which I wouldn’t normally have to do normally except for the recommended ANNUALLY). Turns out, I might have to do it another TWO TIMES this year if I want my money “back” (see next paragraph). Their mistake is making me jump through more and more hoops to fix something THEY fucked up.

Annnnd. This means they stole 50-something dollars from me when I was paying on the IBR plan (let me do the math for them, because they are too stupid: rounded payments of 150 -100 = 50) . So, the total of what they owe me comes to about 100 dollars due to their other mistake of charging me twice for June that is still being worked out.


This is an issue that has consumed 2 months of my life, basically. I want someone fired for this — at the very least, demoted. They should not be allowed to work with people’s lives in this fashion. The incompetence of MyFedLoans has probably taken years off my life. This has affected my work, even — being on the phone so much…and now having to bug one of my bosses to fill out another damn form.**

Let me repeat. I want someone fired.

I regret applying for the PSLF as quickly as I did. Don’t be an overachiever. Don’t be super responsible. Just be a little responsible and apply when you’re about to leave your full-time job. That is my advice to you, graduate world. The government will fuck you over.


*this is not legal advice.

**Also, I forgot the part where I’m supposed to be shopping for my grandmother’s 93rd birthday present but instead I’m bitching online in a cathartic rage.

UPDATE: Here is part four. 


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