TBR – Nix and Notorious Nix by J.J. Reichenbach

Nix has one goal: to escape notice long enough for her enemies to forget about a murderous joyride thing that Nix may have done but definitely wasn’t responsible for. Just when Nix gets settled into a little girl named Callie in a nondescript Californian town, a family of paranormal hunters comes knocking on the door. The potential for the kind of questions that could end in exposure-or worse, an exorcism-is too high to ignore. One of the hunters is a nineteen-year-old girl, sweet as apple pie and twice as naive, and too perfect an opportunity to pass up. Rachel fits worse than Callie, loose in all the wrong places, but all Nix needs to do is lead the hunters away-and give Rachel and her adopted brother a dirty little secret to keep-then disappear, secure in the knowledge that no one ever tells. Of course, nothing’s ever that easy. Nix regrets stealing Rachel almost as soon as she does it. Caught inside a hunter, Nix is damned if she leaves and double damned if she stays-though damnation is pretty rhetorical for a demon. To make matters worse, the idiot hunters are wrapped up in some nasty plot to destroy the world. Nix has objections to that sort of nonsense. Nix isn’t the hero the world deserves, but she’s the hero it’s damn well going to get.

I’m currently on chapter 5 of the first book in this series and I am really liking it, but have such a large TBR pile that I’m wanting to focus on more “serious” stuff right now. I literally JUST started reading. Just now.

Before opening up the book I had just intended to list it as one of my normal TBR posts that I know I’ll never get to. But this one I almost couldn’t put down. It’s very fast-paced and grips you from the beginning. No wonder, because the author is an editor by day and knows her stuff.  I’m marking this as “Currently Reading” on Goodreads so that I’ll remember to go back to it.

The first one on goodreads.

I was given these books in exchange for an honest review. Read my review policy here.

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