TBR: Zombie World Dominance: The Destruction Begins by L.D. King

In 2036, the zombie outbreak exploded throughout the world. Zombies were killing hundreds of thousands of people daily around the world. Nothing mankind did could stop them. Nothing mankind did even slowed the growth of the zombies. Once the zombie flood began, they moved forward like a conquering army.

For nearly a year, the world as humanity knew it had ground to a stop. Every utility, every means of communication, every mode of transportation that had existed was gone. They had been replaced with the need simply to survive from one day to the next.
During that same year the number of zombies had multiplied exponentially. They had been able to kill hundreds of millions, perhaps even several billion people worldwide. There was no

way to keep an accurate count of those who had been killed and those who were missing. In addition to the zombie plague, gangs of bandits were killing other survivors for their meager supplies.
Survivors were starting to huddle in small camps in order to make themselves secure from the zombies. In 2036, the population of the world was 8.8 billion. The secure camps could only hold a small number of people, a few thousand each at best. There was no way they could save all the remaining people left on Earth. As of yet, there was still no way to stop the zombies. The survivors in the camps were ready to remain there for years, if necessary, until the zombie outbreak was stopped or died out. They grew their own food. They had found secure sources of water. When the camps were filled to capacity,they began restricting entry.
The Destruction Begins follows the struggles that just a few of these groups of people go through as they fight to survive the zombie outbreak — as they fight for their very lives; fight just to survive another day. After a year of fighting, nothing seemed to be stemming the flood of zombies. The human race appeared to be doomed. If the zombies could not be stopped, and stopped quickly, the human race would cease to exist, except for those few secure camps in various locations around the globe. But the camps only held a total of perhaps twenty thousand. In a little more than a year, the human race would go from 8.8 billion to less than 20,000. The zombie outbreak must be stopped if mankind is to have any chance to survive in any significant numbers.

I want to read this because the author has an excellent mustache:

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