Closeups of my life #2: Bedroom

A phone-photo series about zooming in.

20160724_210953My Victorian-eque collection. Picture of a childhood cat in album. My parents named her Dusty.

20160724_210920Unconventional headboard.

20160724_210906Books above my bed. Close by in case of need.

20160724_210843Plant that has grown so large it has framed my window and is creeping out from under the curtain now. It is growing toward the ceiling. Wants to wrap around the ceiling toward my bed. Plans to strangle me in my sleep.


Options for my hair.


That window I was talking about. Under there lies the plant, wanting to break the window. Also, a dreamcatcher I’ve had since middle school (?) hanging on a branch curtain rod.

20160724_210519Bra collection.


Harry Potter shelf.

20160724_210144Girly shelf. Photos of cats Smokie Jo and Dr. Zhivago. I really like my cats.

20160724_210052A high school teacher drew himself in a box for me. I have kept it along with other childhood dust collectors.




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