Closeups of my life: Welcome to my apartment

A phone-photo series about zooming in.
20160724_211143I painted this on my desk that got beaten up on one of my moves. She makes the broken desk invaluable to me now. That little teal cup I made with my friend Ashlyn is full of plastic skulls from broken Halloween decorations. I find it useful.

I deface this poor desk in other ways. Also, I hate Mickey Mouse and most Disney things. The desk is a major focal point in the “Living Room” of the apartment. It is very shabby, but I’ve grown to love it.

20160724_211409I was sent an anti-Obama sticker on accident (my librarian bumper sticker got mixed up with someone else’s order). I still made use of it.

20160724_211545One of the drawers of the desk. This is really starting to turn into a photo series of my desk. Let’s move on.20160724_211439I recycle.

20160724_211238I display all the mail-love my friends and family send me. Snail mail is the best.

20160724_211557Coffee table. Can you see the chewed up buttons on the remote? Friends’ puppy chewed it up and so they gave it to me. XD

20160724_211621Re-carpeted/rugged cat tree. Looks more bohemian now. Cats use it well.

20160724_211636I use this screen so that I can leave the window blinds open for the cats to look out while I run around naked. Also, lets the sun come in for the plants. I have a shit-ton of plants.

20160724_211652Sock animals and birthday balloons from May.

20160724_211134Pride lei on “dining room chair” (I have no dining room).

20160724_211126I collect post cards. I saw them decorated with like this in the TV show Please Like Me and had to copy. Josh has style I want.

20160724_211110Postcard portal continued…where will it lead to next?


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