I just watched this thing and it reminded me of this other thing…

So, I just watched this short film, written by an AI:

It’s deconstructed really well here.

But the way the AI constructed the language reminded me of the indie book Complete Nonsense by M. Chapman, which I have blogged about previously here.

‘A contemplation of the lettuce verbiage ensemble’ is an experimental form of literature. If you watch Science Fiction you may have heard something that occasionally resembles it as Scotty or La Forge of the Starship Enterprise spouts sciencey sounding nonsense as part of a plot device. Perhaps you have been in a meeting or management seminar and wondered if your IQ had dropped since college since the lecturer appears to be talking complete bollocks. Or a political speech by a notable politician may get a standing ovation at conference but leaves you cold and left out as though there’s some social clique secret you’re not privy to.’

What does it mean for AI to attempt human speech, when humans themselves play around with it in this manner?

Just thought I’d share that thought.


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