TBR: Children of Dreki: TYR (Book One) by N.R. Tupper

“Kai Brecken and her crew of ex-pirates have struggled their way out of the ‘life’ and hope to become a law-abiding transport crew. But leaving the past is no easy task, especially when your skill set consists of stealing things and killing people. They take one last illicit job in a desperate bid to avoid bankruptcy and stumble upon an ages old secret that could change the course of a brutal war with an alien race known as the Dreki.

When the fate of humanity is placed in the hands of ex-pirates, things are bound to get messy.

Sometimes the universe doesn’t need a hero, it needs a misfit crew of ex-pirates.”

This book looks really fun. At first glance reminds me of Firefly, a TV show I never really watched but know a lot about.
The book on Goodreads and the author on Goodreads.

The website. 


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