Creating Death

‘Your parents killed you. They don’t acknowledge it, and maybe you’re uncomfortable acknowledging it, but it’s true. They killed you. They knew before you were brought into this world that you would inevitably suffer and die, but they forced you into existence anyway. It wasn’t a favor to you that they did so; you never asked to be born and had no say in the matter, and if you never existed there would be no “you” to miss anything, just like all of your hypothetical siblings who never existed. Your parents knew that your fate was sealed from the moment that you were born, but they did not acknowledge it. Your suffering and death is completely unnecessary, your parents have caused it. They have brought more pain and death into the world than there otherwise would have been.’

Childfree Voices

MortToday, I was reminded of something important. It’s something that I’ve written about in various places before. When people read it, they often find it depressing or nihilistic, and really, thinking that says a lot about them. It means that they can’t cope with death as it really is, a horrific experience and a certainty.

Of course everyone knows, on an intellectual level, that they won’t live forever. But that doesn’t mean that they really acknowledge it. But they don’t like to think about. They don’t like to think about what it means. And they don’t like to realize that nothing they do to make themselves happy now will ever do anything to prevent it or to minimize their final suffering later. It makes them uncomfortable to really deal with the matter of death. And because of this denial and dismissal of death, the cycle is allowed to perpetuate.

Your parents killed…

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