Learning what NOT to do from Grossman’s The Magicians–Part One: World Building

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Series Introduction

I have rarely encountered a more widely read and praised novel that had so many faults as Lev Grossman’s The Magicians. Many people who make books their business should, in my opinion, have taken a much harder look at this novel before praising it so completely—faults are so dominant throughout the work that I could hardly finish it and, every few pages, made note of absurd, unnecessary problems with the plot, characters, and fantastical elements. In a series of posts (yes, it’s so frustrating to me that it requires a whole series), I’d like to simply use The Magicians to illustrate some very common, easy-to-make mistakes in fantasy writing.  These posts will necessarily include spoilers. If you haven’t read The Magicians and don’t mind it being spoiled, I think this should still help you in writing your own fantasies.

The critique I offer in these pieces is by…

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