JK Rowling: Should Authors Control the Digestion of their Content after it’s Published?

I love how her comments on her characters always bring up the Author-as-God topic. I definitely can’t read or think about her work the same after she gives her “insights.” It *does* change things.

PINEkindling Wordsmithery

Not to jump on the internet fandoms bandwagon, but in an interview with Wonderland Magazine, JK Rowling told readers that she should have paired Hermione and Harry in the end, rather than have the leading lady wed Ron, the hero’s best friend. She suggests that the pairing was a “mistake” based on “personal reasons.”

Pairing preferences aside–I find the engagement of the author in post-publishing alterations particularly interesting. Certainly this kind of announcement is not completely out of range for JK Rowling. Several years ago she announced that Dumbledore was gay, though there was no real evidence to that assertion in the text. There was also no evidence to the contrary, so, hell, why not?

This announcement is quite different. JK Rowling suggests that a major subplot was a “mistake,” and that her choice had nothing to do with “literature” but more to do with “personal reasons.” First, what does that…

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