Another reason to hate book packagers: The “Talent” of Paper Lantern Lit is very, very white #WeNeedDiverseBooks


Good to see that the “story factory” is churning out the same old issues in publishing. Paleness.

Paper Latern Lit is a book packager. What are book packagers? Book packagers are people who tell you to write what they want you to write in order for you to get discovered/eat/get writing credentials. You have little to no creative control and likely don’t get to use your own ideas for stories. They’re basically reiterations of James Patterson not writing his own books. And Paper Latern Lit is basically the female version of Full Fathom Five. Though maybe they’re not as mean to their writers.

Here’s more on how Paper Lantern Lit is crummy for new writers.

Let’s make one thing clear: Book packagers do NOT produce works of “collaboration.” They are not works by co-authors. Those are works done by people with equal say and with equal creative control. Book packagers do not offer this. In fact, they are making the publishing industry far worse–for diversity, for new authors, and for readers. 

This little librarian says: stay away from books by Lauren Oliver, Lexa Hillyer, and these!

The story sharks

The ones too lazy to write their own stories. Female James Pattersons. Whatever.

Instead of resorting to defending this business as a “necessary evil,” let’s create an entirely new publishing landscape–one that doesn’t need book packagers for new writers to break into the industry.

Tell publishers that we need diverse voices–something that Paper Latern Lit clearly can’t give beyond “female”–by not buying or promoting works from book packagers:

Don't buy these books.

Don’t buy these books.

The reading world will be a much richer place without them. The publishing industry will be fairer. Reader will know who really wrote their books.

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