Ancestry Adventure Part 3

This is probably the final entry to the Parts 1 and 2 of my ancestry adventure!

Upon waiting and waiting and waiting, I finally got this acknowledgement:


“Please allow 6-8 weeks for processing. However due to high demand your results may take longer. You will receive and email when your results are ready.”

Theeeen, a few weeks later,  the results came in (oddly enough, the day they came in I noticed the test dropped 10 bucks–life is unfair).

I was a little concerned with how vague the ethnicity results (or, what they call an “Estimate” — which doesn’t ring of precision) were, though they seemed about right. And, after reading a few posts (like this one: Your results might change over time. And this one: Ancestry’s Mythical Scandinavian Percentages) about the potential inaccuracy of the test, I was resigned to the fact that I’d have to do more work with my DNA.

Queue While pretty basic, it lets you play around with your DNA in different algorithms and databases. And it’s free! My results are pretty similar across the board here, and it’s helping me get a bigger picture. However, I still find much of the science behind the stuff confusing. But one of the tests guessed my eye color correctly (by reading my DNA), so I find it amusing.

Does anyone else know of any free places to view your DNA in various contexts? I’d love to know!

My conclusion for At least I have a raw file of my DNA that I can transfer to other places now–and some good guesses to lead me to the right directions. I can also go back as often as I like and check for updates to my “estimates” and DNA matches. I’ve found a few cousins already!  I don’t feel like Ancestry’s DNA pool is is really that large and therefore their estimates aren’t as accurate as I’d like. But DNA can only tell you so much anyways, and I don’t regret doing it. But I do wonder if it was worth that price tag just to help them continue to work out the kinks in their system/grow their database.



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