Librarian Rant: James Patterson is ruining publishing

Remember a few months ago when I got in an argument on Twitter about how James Patterson giving money to indie book stores is really just a pile of heaping shit?

Well, it seems like someone on TeleRead agrees with me, saying:

“Meantime, if Patterson Inc. is partly responsible for creating this ecosystem, Patterson’s donations to indie bookstores and so on only go the shortest distance towards undoing the damage. And it’s perhaps a blessing, but no surprise, that Amazon has come along and refragmented demand, so that FMCG-style passive-consumer demand economics no longer have such power over the suppliers. No wonder the Big Five who grew Big off Patterson Inc.-style big-box marketing are now struggling to hold up their share of sales. Thank Patterson Inc. for that.”

Here’s some more librarian opinions:



This librarian says publishing needs to change!


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