2015, A Few of My Favorite Things: Another List

Here are the things (entertainment-wise) that I really really really enjoyed in 2015:

1) Season 2 of  “You’re the Worst.” It’s maintaining it’s originality and momentum.

2) Elle King’s “Exes and Ohs” – probably my favorite song to come out this year. Also, a new favorite artist.

3) The concept of Netflix and Chill. Finally, my generation has accepted that being a hermit is “fun.”

4) “Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell” TV show. Childermass was worth every episode.

5) Ex Machina film. Besides the fact that robo girl could have killed her maker [SPOILERS] when he was in the room with her, teasing her about her drawing, everything about this movie was perfection.

6) The Library at Mount Char. It was the best book I read this year.

7) Vance Joy.

Those were the things that impressed me. Let me know if I’ve missed something that should have impressed me this year! What made your list?

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