Book Review: DNF Angelfall by Susan Ee

I really couldn’t get into this book.

I got to page 53 and started skimming. I stopped skimming halfway through. Why didn’t I like this book? The facts were these:

It was waaay too much like Hunger Games, what with the younger sister and the batshit mom.

And speaking of the mom…so she’s really crazy. All of a sudden. You aren’t expecting her to be all – BOOM! – psycho. It’s just thrust upon the reader and I was all like, “OK. So she just stabbed a corpse. WHYYYY?” because the reader isn’t really given any context. I mean, yeah, husbands leave their wives everyday but the jilted don’t usually go around stabbing dead bodies and reposing them. Right?

And THEN we’re told just what level of cray-cray she is. She’s the “sees demons” kind.

The mom probably *really is* seeing demons, and it probably has something to do with the overall plot (Angelfall, after all), but up until then you kind of think everything the MC thinks about her mom is just normal family drama and then the author gives you this huge continuity whiplash that really didn’t make me want to read further.

And speaking about forcing the reader into things…the romance. It’s so overt. It’s so gross. The MC–whatever her name is–is clearly one giant hornball, though she wants you to believe otherwise because she KEEPS TELLING the reader “I am too focused on survival right now for love.” Your actions speak otherwise, dear.

She and the angel get too close too fast. I don’t have time for fast. I only have time for believability.

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