BOOK/Short Story REVIEW: Muse of Fire by John Scalzi

I have decided I don’t like anything John Scalzi writes. I did not like Redshirts after a bit because eventually the plot made no sense. That’s not exactly what happened in Muse of Fire, but it was like he didn’t try very hard on the plot (yet again).

With Muse of Fire, Scalzi twists mythology in a disappointing way – as if he knows very little about even Greco-Roman myth (the most popular mythology out there, yo). Firstly, Hestia was never a Muse, so the title made me sigh. Then, Hestia is so “related” to fire in the work that it’s assumed she is the goddess of fire (or did I miss something?). She isn’t the goddess of fire, but of the hearth. There is a bit of a difference, though I would have forgiven it if the story had been better. Then, to top it all off, Hestia is a damsel in distress – trapped in hell (not Hades? Whatever). She needs a human to save her? I don’t get that. Goddesses are goddesses. They don’t need humans. Humans need the gods.

If this hadn’t been an ebook, I would have thrown it across the room. There’s a reason it’s only $0.99.

BUT it was better than Redshirts. At least there is that.


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