“Females create life, males end it.”

This is a great counter/opposite view of “males as the original form”/the “Adam ” belief. There is also something to the woman-as-original-form in terms of asexual reproduction. From a biological perspective, it just makes sense that “woman” is the first to veer off from our ancestral asexual reproducing organism (the original sexuality/sex). She is the form lacking in only one piece of reproduction (sperm/fertilization), while the male form is lacking womb, egg, milk, etc.

I mean, I’m an English major making huge leaps here, I know, but that just makes sense to me. Tell me in the comments if I’m wrong/how I might have missed something.

The Prime Directive

If it’s chemical dependency you’re interested in, you might want to look into testosterone. TESS-TAHSS-TER-OWN!!- the most lethal substance on earth. And it does not come from a laboratory, it comes from the scrotum; a scotum located, interestingly enough, not far from the asshole. How fitting.

And, as it happens, all [the] male subcultures share a particular set of features: homophobia, coupled with an oddly ironic, complete, childlike trust in male authority. Men are attracted to powerful men. They also share a strong fear and dislike of women. This in spite of a pathological obsession with pussy. TESS-TAHSS-TER-OWN!!

So why are men like this? I think the overriding problem for men is that in life’s main event, reproduction, they’re left out; women do all the work. What do men contribute? Generally, they’re just looking for a quick parking space for some sperm. A couple of hits of hot jism, and…

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2 thoughts on ““Females create life, males end it.”

  1. I found this post because I track posts tagged “asexuality.” I know many women whose bodies produce testosterone. And I have known many horrifically misogynist men whose bodies did not produce testosterone. Testosterone isn’t what makes men terrible. Nothing biological is. When you assert that a sex characteristic is what makes men terrible, you forget that there are women with that characteristic, and horrifically misogynist men who don’t have it.

    • Thanks for the comment! While I agree that testosterone isn’t the end-all scapegoat for the world’s problems, I disagree that nothing biological is terrible. As an Anti-natalist, I think all life is suffering. But that’s probably beside the point we both were probably trying to make!

      But yes, this entire topic was a bit too binary for my tastes in general and I don’t usually stray into such conversation topics.

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