A Review of Beautiful Creatures

A review of Beautiful Creatures.

The movie, that is.

So, let me preface this by saying I haven’t read the book and I have no intention to. That’s why I saw the movie (I don’t trust novels that are written by more than one author. It’s like, who REALLY wrote this book and who just wants to get their name out there?).

It started out OK for a tween movie. I even tolerated the overdone southern-honeybooboo-twang accents (at one point I turned to the person watching it with me and was like, “I’m from the south, so why don’t I understand them?”). The twist about who dies in the end also surprised me (no spoilers, don’t worry!).

The plot itself was solid. But the way it was done made me want to sigh and say “They really thought this was going to be a hit?” Not even the great actors in this film could have saved it (and I can’t believe they would stoop this level, either). Side note: there was one EXCELLENT scene between Irons and Thompson in this film – the scene where they’re in the church and its only them talking. The film is worth watching if you just want to see two excellent actors acting IN THAT SCENE. Thompson had never been so scary to me and Irons was the perfect conduit for the scene.

But moving on.

The body of the story didn’t know how to deliver its own message. For example, every time the white characters tried to be P.C. they ended up sounding like a-holes. The movie tries to deal with race issues (and I assume the book does to – correct me if I’m wrong) by doing things like…bringing up banned books. Such as? To Kill a Mockingbird (which a black teenager in the movie actually WANTS to be banned because it isn’t Christian enough or something). And there is also only one ‘good’ black character in the entire film. All the banned books mentioned were by white people too (they were the only ones I recognized, anyway), so this was a white privilege film to the max. To top it all off the main black female character (played by Viola Davis) is little more than a stereotypical mammy who is supposed to “protect” the white male lead. My blood was boiling. HOW DOES THE PUBLISHING INDUSTRY NOT SEE THIS???

Dear white authors, just stop. Dear publishing industry, just stop. Dear Hollywood…I expected no less from you.


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