Ten reasons why Romania’s proposed mass-kill of millions of stray dogs won’t work and two reasons why it might


An English version of a comment piece published here in Romania’s top news and opinion website, Hotnews: http://www.contributors.ro/editorial/zece-motive-pentru-care-propunerea-romaniei-de-a-ucide-in-masa-milioane-de-caini-nu-va-functiona-si-doua-motive-pentru-care-s-ar-putea-sa-functioneze/

No one wants dogs on the streets in Romania. In a country with up to two million loose canines, no one is standing on a pedestal in the centre of Bucharest shouting We Want More Dogs! We want a Dog for every school! In every office, a mandatory dog at every desk! Two dogs for every church!
For four years I have been writing about and filming stray dogs in Romania, including a film, ‘Man’s Best Friend’, released on Vimeo this week: https://vimeo.com/74578670
During this time, mayors, residents and dog lovers alike all agreed – no more dogs on the streets.
However when the council of a town in east Romania, Botosani, killed 200 dogs in 2011, there was a rumour that a local animal activist group was planning a ‘Dog Bomb’.

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