On why I’m avoiding redbox for a while:

Dear Redbox, you were really cool at first – before the non-techsavvy people started using you and holding up the line (since you’ve killed all the Blockbusters they’ve been forced to adapt). Oh, and about those lines, it sucks to wait outside in the blistering heat or cold just to return a movie. It’s high time you developed an ATM-style machine so that I can at least be comfortable in my car. I’m already wasting gas (see below) so why not a little more in a line?

But this isn’t why I need a break. I need a break because your machines are slow, sometimes out of service (like that time I tried to return The Bling Ring and had to drive all over town to find another ‘box – that’s a lot of gas!), and don’t have a great selection (seriously, old movies are OK to have – I’m only 23 and haven’t seen everything!) Right now the only thing you’ve got going for you is your price.

So, to save me some frustration (my blood pressure rises every time I think about needing a movie now because of you), I’m not worrying about the price of livestream rentals anymore.

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