Bullying…on Goodreads

Really liked how she explained some things.

Amanda K Byrne

Remember months ago, there was this whole thing about stop the Goodreads bullying? Yeah, apparently, that’s still a thing.

Agent-turned-author Nathan Bransford posted this about bullying on Goodreads. There were several links to other posts on the topic, including one from Porter Anderson on Jane Friedman’s blog.

I read the first three reviews of the book Bransford mentions in his post. Then I read Anderson’s take on what happened to author Lauren Howard. And I’ve gotta say, his two examples don’t exactly match up.

The first few reviews on Goodreads for The SeptemberGirls are abysmal. They are of the “run screaming from this book and don’t ever look back” variety. Bransford acknowledges that while an author needs to have a thick skin and be able to take criticism, those reviews are over the top mean. Personally? I don’t think they are. I think they were well thought out and…

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