The Wheels Driving The Plot – By Amanda Ross

So, another one of my short stories was posted on The Strange and The Curious.

The pitch: When a boy stereotypes a girl as a manic pixie, the tables turn and he becomes the plot device.

The Strange and The Curious...

A girl on the city bus scribbled away. Her seat rocked. The unsteady ride ruined her penmanship – but she didn’t care.

The vacant-eyed driver, wanting to finish his route, disobeyed the speed limit. The girl’s pen sped just as quickly – nay, quicker. She filled the blank paper. The hustling bus refused to slow at the yellow light and her pen matched its speed. Her brow furrowed in furious concentration.

What she was telling that empty paper, through that overflowing pen, was of the up most importance. Or so it seemed.

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