The Diviners By Libba Bray, A Review

I got 50 pages into the (basically) 600-paged book and called it quits.

It seemed too much like her Gemma Doyle books – but minus Victorian and plus flappers.

There were already too many characters and plot points in those first 50 – and already too much preaching about what I should believe. I didn’t like how she had crammed theology in with supernatural.

It’s fine and dandy to talk about theology, but only if it relates to your story.

Organized religion though, I understood that part in the story. Organized religion isn’t kind to the supernatural. Religion and superstition fit well together as plot points. I was OK with that.

But she should have left the more philosophical part of religion (theology) out of it. It made her point – her message – too convoluted.  I wanted to be entertained with a story. But instead I was given a lesson in theodicy right off the bat.

Yes, Christians burned witches/‘Diviners’ at the stake or hanged them. Religion did that. But I don’t see what the debate about why God allows evil was even relevant to the story. Bray was just trying to sound smart. Instead, she shoved her ideas down my throat without earning the right to do so first.

…But now that I’m done with my complaint, I welcome comments below. If you want to convince me that I really should continue to read the book, please do! Maybe I’m in the wrong because I didn’t give it enough of a chance.

Or, if you’ve reviewed the book on your own blog please link to it so I can read it and see if I’m judging this book too harshly.

I just don’t want to waste my time with a huge book (that could be 300 pages shorter) that I’ll eventually hate (even more than I do right now). I mean, I gave it a shot but I don’t think the book and I will work out.

I also review books here on this other blog:  OhSoCleverReads

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