Where I sort of review Redshirts…

I “reviewed” Redshirts on my other blog. And here it is:


Redshirts was a DNF for me. But, I will review the half of the book I did read. 
100 pages in and it still felt like the same long-running joke that was trying to remember the punch line.
Really, this book should have been a short story or novella. The characters were underdeveloped because they were just names on a page. I could hardly tell them apart. Except for the one girl character. 
I know it is supposed to critique Star Trek and TV shows of the like. I get that. But when your critique can be summed up in one sentence, it makes me angry. Something like this would be funnier and more effective as an uber intertextual episode of Community.
I read to exactly half in my book. And by then the logic was so thin I was like, ‘I can tell this isn’t going anywhere.’ So I stopped.

In sum, don’t waste your time or your money. Scalzi is a big name, but I’m not so sure he deserves it. Or his seat on the SFWA or whatever.


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