Anglophiles in the US…

Know what I’m getting tired of? Narnia. Dr. Who. And Alice in Wonderland. If we’re going to be anglophiles, let’s dig a little deeper.

Let’s try more Neverland. More British comedy. And of course Harry Potter.

[Why am I raggin’ on Narnia, Dr. Who, and AiW? Well, for one, Lewis wrote MUCH better works that no one seems to notice because Christians are always so obsessed with Aslan. Dr. Who is fine and all but it’s losing some of its magic for me – IT’S NOT THE ONLY THING ON PBS. And Alice in Wonderland is…overdone.]

2 thoughts on “Anglophiles in the US…

  1. Well, I have to confess there’s much I love about the U.K. However, the reason I enjoy Lewis’ diverse works has nothing to do with his nationality. (Oh, and there’s plenty about England that I find lacking too, so I would not be considered a genuine anglophile.) Never liked Dr. Who (the few times I tried to watch it) but did like Red Dwarf. Wonder what that means? Also enjoyed Monty Python which holds up surprisingly well.

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