Publishing hous…

Publishing houses have two faces…Jekyll belongs to the distinguished company that has published…award-winning novels. Hyde is the side which seems to proclaim ‘Don’t read this, it’s too smart for the likes of you.’

…It occurs to me that publishers may confuse ‘selling ‘ with ‘pimping.’ If so, here’s a flash: They’re not the same. Sell this one and you might make it possible for this guy to write the next one. You’re doing him a mitzvah. And not just him. What about the ordinary reader? In case you forgot, guys, we are your friends, not unwashed, unlettered, germ-laden interlopers at the literary feast.

You don’t want to do your job? …

– Stephen King on the Publishing Industry’s bullcrap, April 2007 Entertainment Weekly “How to Bury a Book.”


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