Glad Hel and I aren’t the only ones who didn’t LOVE this book. Read our review here.

Tea Leaves and Dog Ears


Not to be that asshole, but I didn’t read that many young adult novels when I was an actual young adult. Now that I’m a regular adult, I feel a bit silly reading something like The Hunger Games, particularly since plenty of people love to loudly denounce adults who read young adult novels, wringing their hands about some kind of modern literacy crisis as though everyone who read The Hunger Games could’ve read Jude the Obscure instead, but it’s all ruined now. Either way, now that I’m older and less of a pretentious jerk, I do like to try more genres/categories that I might’ve missed the first time around.

I can’t remember why I picked up The Fault in Our Stars, except that it’s one of those novels that seems to pop up everywhere and buries itself in your subconscious until you finally give in and just…

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