Book Review: Under the Pendulum Sun

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Despite having studied both Christian thought and British magic as part of my history degree, I found the unrelenting focus on those elements of the story to be too esoteric and academic to be enjoyable. It might have got away with it if the characters were more interesting, but I found them, and in particular the protagonist, to be dull. I suspect that this young author will go on to do great things, she’s certainly capable of them, but I also suspect that many people will find this one to be a bit of a challenge.


The story centres around missionaries in the mid-19th century, but the novel is not at all critical of missionaries in general, and does not mention that missionaries were integral in destroying many cultures all over the world, and can never be considered a force for good. I thought this book would be a satirical take on missionaries, as it is set in Fairyland, or at would at least be critical, but it never gives any indication anywhere that missionaries are anything but a positive force. For a novel published in 2018, this is shocking.

Book Review: General Stand Watie’s Confederate Indians

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“I would recommend this book for any armchair general interested in an often overlooked aspect of the Trans-Mississippi Theatre of the War Between the States and for scholars of Indians history during the War Between the States who aren’t averse to a few eyebrow raising turns of phrase.”